To Be Honest…

When I started this blog, I just knew that I wanted to help people. I did not I know how I was going to do it. What to say, how present what I was trying to say. I just knew I wanted to try and help people. I started this blog telling you a little about where I came from, I’d like to share a little more now.

I am your average person, I work a full time job and go to college right now as well. I don’t have a PhD in anything, I don’t know everything. I am a very honest person and put all my energy into everything I do. Everything I write is from life experience, whether I lived it myself or have been a witness to it.

I believe that there is opportunities to learn and grow in every situation in life, it is a matter of perception. I am very passionate about God so I try to find the good in even the hardest of times. For example, when my uncle passed away when I was 9. That is where I learned to show appreciation in everything because it can be gone in a hurry. He passed away from leukemia, he had two bouts with it. It went into remission the first time, and was ready to get released from the hospital the second time but his body gave in and he was gone in like 24 hours. Ever since then, I try my best to show the people around me what they mean to me as much as possible. We don’t know what tomorrow brings and we should be grateful for what we have today. I try be a student to life and learn as much as I can.

I’m not writing this blog to tell anyone how to live there life. I am just here to try and help people. We have so many things to help us with our health and shopping and money. I am writing about things that can’t be bought. At the end of the day, money comes and goes. Clothes get worn out and everything in this world will fade. Your character is what you will be judge by when you leave this place.

That is why I am here, to try and help anyone who needs it. I’m not judging anyone or telling anyone how to live their life. I’m just trying to reach out to anyone who is in need. The three things I take serious in life are God, my wife, and children. My dream job is mentor children and teach them as much as I possibly can. I am open to any topics that you may have. You can send a comment or email to me and I will write a post about your topic. Again, I don’t know everything but I will give my best and honest response. I thank you for your time and hopefully may be able to make a difference and encourage you. God bless you all!

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